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Website Intent, Structure   Domain, Website: Nothing Legal   Terms Website Use, Disclaimer



Note Website Intent And Structure

Don’t really have to, you must read the following?..

        …comprehensive, holistic relevant nurture objective perspective categories shifting own pages simple and direct url is www.bourses.in/something.htm no folders currently. Of course, this is completely based on our understanding. We are enthusiastic about money money money money gold diggers enthusiastically indulge. But yes, one of the major underlying and all pervading theme for the inclusion is the spirit, rather smell of filthy lucre Indian context aam aadmi aadami Bharatiya Hindustani junta janata the Indian hinterland International Indian. That should give an idea of the place of this site in cyber space and what is expected from it and the manner in which it will develop and the direction it will take. We hold no PhD in Money or anything remotely connected with it, not even Bachelor’s in Money or Economics, and don’t even possess a head for money, but we want to learn about Vitamin M (paisa, rupee, rupaiya, buddhu)! How’s that one? Some folks may be surprised who you actually we too true Indian SOLID..

        Quite a bit of head banging will gone in. These questions and more will constantly stare at us. All the research will be internal or in-house.

# What do you know about bourses, stock exchanges? Answer is little more than zero andaa.

# How many bourses are there in India? How many bourses exist in the world? Yes, we have some idea.

# What do you know about equity, derivatives, stocks etc.? Concerned with money directly, indirectly.

# What is implied by listing in a stock exchange?

# What are those blips on the screen? What are bulls and bears?

# How will this help Indian Investor? Yes, investor will visit. Believe us, others will also.

# How will you structure the website? Have you thought of the categories?

# Do you know about growth, inflation and their relation? We know that 2% Hindu rate of growth was a common labeling of the Indian economic identity, definition a few decades ago. And the proprietor of E____ D______ knows instinctively that something is wrong with the common perception that if there has to be growth, then there has to be inflation. And he also knows that sustainable development is safer blah blah.

# Earlier people could be seen shouting in markets. Do they still shout? Don’t know. There are computers. Don’t know exactly. Open outcry, just learnt..

        Can’t make sense of the above? Same here. Come next week, check!

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Important Note On Domain And Website (Nothing Legal)

#1. Bourse stands for exchange (organised market) and also Stock Exchange. It also has certain French connotations. The domain name bourses.in is representative (not official but also not illegal) of organised markets or Exchanges including Stock Exchanges India and anything related thereof. This should generally imply Stock Markets India also. (This may be subject to minor amendments, editing.)

#2. The procurement of the domain bourses.in and the development of a website on the same is a private endeavour or outcome of entrepreneurship and is not a prohibitory act.

#3. The intent of the website on the said domain is to present information to the general public, to the entire world regarding ‘bourses, stock exchanges of India, the Indian organised market or the Indian exchanges, and its derivatives’ in any way. The entire spectrum of Indian Stock Market is included. We are not bound in any way.

#4. Please also read Disclaimer of the website.

#5. The domain and the website are owned by Ether Domains. Ether Domains is founded and owned by a citizen of India.


The above can also be accessed at Domain Website Note


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Website Intent, Structure





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Use Of Website Terms And Conditions / Disclaimer

# The news or videos or information of any kind that you have access to on this page is from trusted sources. However, Ether Domains and bourses.in do not undertake responsibility for the genuineness, factual correctness of the news or videos or information of any kind being provided by any of the sources. Ether Domains and bourses.in do not endorse and do not refute any of the content from this page onwards pertaining to news or videos or information of any kind. You understand that viewing of the news or videos or information of any kind on this page and onwards is at your sole discretion and that Ether Domains and bourses.in do not insist that you must visit this page and fetch news or videos or information of any kind for yourself. The services are being provided ‘as is’.

Listings May Be Incorporated / Added At A Later Time.

# All the Listings are the sole responsibility of the Listees. The owners/proprietors/providers of the website do not undertake responsibility for the genuineness of the listee’s listing. Any listing can be terminated by the owners/providers of the website without assigning any reason whatsoever at any time and without informing the listee. All payments made to Ether Domains or bourses.in by listees for listings are non-refundable. Please make a wise choice of ‘listing type’ before ordering. The listing shall be terminated / removed in only those cases, however, where it is found/discovered to the full satisfaction of the owners of the website that the listing was incorrect in one or more of any respect/aspect of itself.

# The font and its size for each listing are non-negotiable and not binding upon Ether Domains or bourses.in. The overall size of every listing type is subject to change at any time and without prior notice on this website and to listees. This implies that any change, if at all, shall be applicable to existing listings too unconditionally.

The Above Is When And If Listings Are Incorporated / Added At A Later Time.

# The url’s (web addresses) of the pages on the website may be subject to modification any time without prior notice and this is a reflection of our constant endeavour to refine our services.

# It is our constant endeavour to provide the highest levels of service. However, Ether Domains or bourses.in are not providing guarantee or warranty of any kind which includes power failures, security, war, vandalism, acts of God, civil strife, strikes, any unforeseen restriction, disasters-natural or man-made, damage, destruction, negligence or abandonment or any other ravages.

# We ourselves desire maximum uptime. Domain Registrar and Web Host Service Provider selection is carefully dwelt upon. Having said that, it is well known that ‘the internet is a virtual environment controlled by electronic devices’. Therefore, the services are provided ‘as is’. There is no guarantee or warranty towards uptime. Once again, there is no guarantee or warranty service towards network failures, database and programming losses, server failures or any other related issue.

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Website Intent, Structure






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